GILTI Take 2: What We Know Now

GILTI's Evolution Over the Last Year -Recorded 8/8/19

This course delves into the global intangible low tax income (GILTI) regime that takes effect for many taxpayers in tax year 2018 and how it has evolved over the last year. We provide an overview of the final regulations and their intent, define the new terms of art in the regulations, calculate GILTI, demonstrate how the regulations affect entities and individuals differently, and outline strategies to mitigate potential tax consequences. Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the overall GILTI taxation mechanism.

  • Explain the key provisions and definitions in the GILTI final regulations.

  • Compute GILTI and its tax impacts.

  • Understand strategies to mitigate the potential tax consequences of GILTI.

Your registration includes 2 IRS CE as well as:

  • Downloadable course manual and implementation tools as appropriate. These materials are available for download when you log into the webinar.
  • The opportunity to listen to the optional presenter and the other members of the Compass Tax Educators instructional team during the optional question-and-answer session held during the original recording.

Prerequisite: None

Advanced Preparation: None

Program Level: Intermediate

IRS Program Number for Self-Study On-Demand Webinar: NMVBP-T-00124-19-S

Delivery Method: Self-study/On-demand

Field of Study: Federal Tax Law (IRS)

Credit hours: 2 IRS

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Course Content

1 Video
1 Quiz
1 Survey
Mary Beth Lougen
Mary Beth Lougen

About the instructor

INSTRUCTOR MARY BETH LOUGEN, EA, USTCP is the Chief Operating Officer of Expat Tax Tools, a niche tax software company that produces applications specifically for international practitioners. Current offerings include applications that prepare Form 8621 for PFICs, a foreign capital gains calculator, and a §965 transition tax calculator. Upcoming offerings include a crypto currency tax calculator with a database that includes USD values for crypto to crypto exchanges. Lougen is also the founder and president of American Expat Tax Services, a boutique income tax preparation firm that specializes in all areas of U.S. and Canadian tax preparation and compliance. She has 35+ years of U.S. income tax experience working in both the U.S. & Canada. She is an Enrolled Agent, a United States Tax Court Practitioner, and a respected writer and teacher in the world of international taxation.

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