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PFIC Taxation Fundamentals

Even though the PFIC provisions are among the most complicated and punitive sections of the Internal Revenue Code, we will explain PFICs in plain English so you can explain them to your clients. Recorded 10/16/18


PFIC Masterclass: Section 1291

This webinar is a computation-intensive course aimed at practitioners with an intermediate level of understanding of PFIC taxation. Recorded 10/23/18


PFIC Masterclass: QEF & MTM

This is a computation-intensive course which covers both QEF and MTM theory as well as application on Form 8621. Recorded 10/30/18


International Penalties and Abatement Strategies

This course shows how to effectively represent clients in either an international non-compliance examinations or penalty abatement engagements. -Recorded 12/4/18


Fixing International Non-Compliance

Taxpayers who are non-compliant with reporting their foreign income and/or assets have programs available to come forward and disclose their non-compliance with a reduced penalty structure and limited look-back period.


Initial Estate Form 1041

Choices and elections are made on the initial 1041 for a decedent's estate or revocable living trust after the grantor's death. Included are the basic income tax laws affecting estates, and tips on 1041 preparation. Recorded 6/12/18 Bundle available!