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Practitioner's Guide to the Sec. 965 Repatriation Tax

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act completely redefined the U.S. tax regime for foreign corporations owned by U.S. persons. To facilitate this change, Congress imposed a one-time tax on certain offshore earnings. The learning curve is steep. Recorded 4/3/18


Key Provisions of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Be prepared to explain how this new tax bill will affect your clients in 2018. This course walks attendees through the key changes in tax law and provides real-world examples of various situations, comparing 2017 tax law to 2018. Recorded 12/28/17


Statutes of Limitations

The Internal Revenue Code imposes time limits on IRS and taxpayers to take certain tax-related actions.  This course reviews three main statutes of limitations in-depth -- assessment, collection, and refund statutes. Recorded 1/30/18


Reconciling Client Books for Tax Return Preparation

Ever wonder why a QuickBooks data file has a negative balance in A/R? That is just one of the client errors explained in this course. Want to learn how to prepare tax returns for S Corporations? Step-by-step instruction is here! Recorded Dec 2017


Key Strategies of Buying & Selling a Tax Practice

Financing terms, contingency clauses, and confidentiality agreements are covered along with the tax aspects buyers and sellers need to consider in this comprehensive course. Recorded 10/3/17


Introduction to International Tax

This session covers the fundamental concepts in international taxation: U.S. residency rules, sourcing rules, non-resident aliens, and tax treaties. Recorded 9/18/18