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Engagement Letters

This complimentary course on Engagement Letters taught by Kevin C. Huston, EA USTCP, covers best practices relating to communications with clients. Sample engagement letters are included in the course.


Cryptocurrency Taxation

This session covers federal tax law principles applicable to cryptocurrency transactions. Recent IRS guidance as well as areas where the tax law remains unclear are also discussed. - Recorded 10/24/19


Form 5471: Reporting Foreign Corporations

This webinar looks at basic Form 5471 preparation, common missteps and misunderstandings. The doctrine of substantial completion is discussed, as well as how Form 5471 interacts with the new section 965 & GILTI provisions. Recorded 10/17/19


Entity Selection After TCJA

Help clients understand the entity choices available for their businesses and be prepared to explain why one option is more ideal for them. The advantages, disadvantages, tax reporting, and many examples are included. -Recorded 10/3/19


Using Business and Rental Losses

Loss limitation rules that apply to business & rental losses and how to possibly mitigate their effect are included. At-risk, passive loss, and entity basis limitations as well as NOLs and §461(I) excess business losses are covered. -Recorded 9/12/19


GILTI Take 2: What We Know Now

This course delves into the global intangible low tax income regime that takes effect for many taxpayers in tax year 2018 and how it has evolved over the last year. We provide an overview of final regulations and their intent. Recorded 8/8/19